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How To Defend In Mobile Strike?

Games, which are all about war most famous these days. Mobile Strike is one of them. Building base, training troops and earning gold is first priority of this game. Defending base, attacking enemy is the second priority of this game. Most of the people issue is they can build a base but not able to protect it from enemies. In order to protect it you need trained troops and a big army. Right troops for right job will always give you lead in winning. If you know troops types and their advantage then you can build strategy to defend and war. Let us discuss about creating a defending army.


All the regular troops are not much powerful but these troops are strong against traps.  There are also advanced but those are also weak against other two. Infantry and tactical are powerful against advance infantry. Armored vehicle and tactical are powerful against advanced tactical. Infantry is strong against advanced armored. You have to unlock your troops to get accessed to advance. All this information is for beginners because this is not useful for advanced players. They already know about this. To keep safe your base, build walls. The walls provide a strong defense against your enemies. Keep upgrading your walls to increase your wall’s trap capacity. Mobile Strike tips is useful tool for it.

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You have to deal with many states of this game. With increase in every level, you have to deal with different kind of tackles. You have to build a customized commander, a massive base. You have to do equipment crafting, in which you have to use the items find in crates.  Give helping hand to those who want to reach on the top of PvP ladder and go along with them. If you are trying to communicate with your fellow gamers then chatting with them is much better than sitting just next to them and playing because they you can’t be always right next to them. If you talking to someone who don’t know your language then in build translator will automatically converts your texts to other language for them. These entire features are made for your win.

Using Real Currency

Both type of device use different kind of payment method. An Apple device does payment with Apple Pay where you have to add your Credit card or Debit card. In some countries Apple pay don’t work with debit card but Google Payment work with both type of accounts, Debit and Credit. If you want to buy gold, click on add gold button. Now this will show you that how much you have to pay for buying gold. Tap on pay button and then mobile strike app will redirect you to payment app. Add you card and click on pay. In few seconds real money will be deduced from your account and gold will be added. Some major issues with this is after payment you don’t get what you paid for. As a user of this game I will suggest you using genuine cheats instead of purchasing gold on real money.

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