Positive Goals Must Be Achieved To Progress In Simcity Buildit


All games involve persuasion of goals and Simcity Buildit is no exception. To reach the goal there are several secondary goals that I needed to complete while playing the game.  Al these achievements and accomplishments resulted in my progression. It involved my successful consuming of the contents in the game which I achieved by engaging with the mechanics in the game. However, I found there is no specific goal in the game which when achieved concluded the game and I could start a new one altogether. Progression itself is the goal in the game.

To achieve it I had to constantly expand, grow and explore my city o that I could make it a better place to stay for my citizens and also keep them happy at the same time. Happy citizens are important as they are the primary source of generating income through the taxes they pay for utilizing the services. There are different economic challenges that I had to face while I progressed in Simcity Buildit which acted as an obstacle in reaching towards my goal. Therefore, I had to effectively control my progression and overcome the obstacles with strategic planning. This provided me longevity in the game and helped me a lot in monetization.

The mechanics and gameplay systems of Simcity Buildit are well placed and spaced in order not to overwhelm the players. This proved to be very beneficial to me as it allowed a bit of the game at a time and helped me to learn about the existing ones before I went on to the next one.I repeatedly executed the same loops to overcome the blockers of my progression and achieve my goal. These highly re-playable gameplay enabled me to spend more time with the same content and increased my lifetime, which was my secondary goal.

All these blockers and tasks which I had to unlock and achieve from time to time kept me hooked with the game and made things more interesting to me. Right from the very beginning of the game to the revelation of the full feature of Simcity Builditit has all the features to keep me engaged. This also helps in slowing down things a bit. There are other long term goals too which I had to achieve during my gameplay. I found that if I had a measurable goal in each level it gave me something to look forward knowing about all the elements that are required to reach to a specific level.

The primary goal of the game is to keep the city occupied with happy residents. I had to have a positive approach toward the game to provide them with all the basic services and benefits. This resulted in generation of revenue which was again my goal to progress with the game. There are different other tasks which I had to aim for to get lot of points and revenue. I could also purchase simcash with real money but that was never my goal as I could effectively use the game tips for simcity buildit free simcash. Therefore, I found that having a positive approach and achieving my secondary goals enabled me to reach to my primary goal.

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