Weapons To Choose And Ways To Proceed In Pixel Gun 3D

There are some specific ways and techniques to proceed in the Pixel Gun 3D game while making perfect killings as well. When you are rocket jumping, it is better to wear the Hermes Boots which will make you jump even higher up. You will also reduce the risk of being hit be any explosions by wearing the boots and jumping higher. Apart from the leverage it will also give you a larger splash area wearing these boots and jumping with the Anti-gravity Blaster.

The Brutal Head Hunter is the perfect way to go while playing Pixel Gun 3D game. But then remember to switch to something which will allow you to move faster. Also the best XP comes from ‘Time Survival’ 15 provided you get the highest score. Another good weapon is the crystal mega destroyer. It may seem to you weak when compared with some of the other weapons, which are expensive as well, but if you score a crit then your enemy is sure to die in the next hit. You can also hit them wherever possible if they have already not died yet. It actually is a shotgun with 11 bullet mag and a potential of 2 shot kill which enables you to kill 5 enemies per mag.

pixel gun 3d trick

It is also useful to use different type of weapons in different places and keep on changing the type of weapons. It will help you to move easily in the game of Pixel Gun 3D and make more effective kills. Such as in a small map like the mafia mansion you can use your shot gun as a sniper weapon. You can also use the Gravity gun while you are playing the Time Survival game mode in the ‘Arena’ map area. It will help you to rocket and jump when you want to camp to the sides of the map. This can also help you to generate more coins and XP which you can always do by using the pixel gun 3d cheats.

Selection of the proper game type is also very useful in generating resources in Pixel Gun 3D. When you are playing Team battle and Flag capture game if you can to your teams score by more than half of the total score and win it as well, you can get as much as 5 coins and as many as 25 XP. You can therefore increase the resources by constantly winning such useful games. If you are relatively new to the game then it is better to start with the campaign which will help you to get the feel of the game and get used to all its mechanics and you can also earn the Alien gun to use in multiplayer mode.

It is always useful to ignore people’s comments and stick to the basics of the game which is to shoot, to kill and move on. When you come across ‘daters’ it is best to ignore or argue and insult or turn the chat button off. This way you can concentrate on the game and proceed further.

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